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The HE[ART]LAND Fellowship is our cornerstone program. Every year, we find the best performing artists in Kansas City and put them through a 12-week creative process that grows them as artists and as civic leaders.

2023 Cohort (pictured):

Rae Atakpa, Poet

Alanzo, Musician

Chelsea Turner, Actress

Jeff Krakenberg, Comedian

Samantha Jo Davis, Dancer

Gary Enrique Lopez, Playwright

2022 Cohort:

Marley Lowe, Storyteller

Jerry.C, Rapper

Clotilda Demauro, Performer

Wyatt Iseman, Poet

Natalie Gutierrez, Musician

Tye Washam, Poet

How long is the fellowship?

The fellowship is 12 weeks long beginning in February and ending in April.

What will we be doing?

Fellows will be learning from industry professionals in art and advocacy, diving into Kansas City’s recently passed climate protection and resiliency plan, and creating original work that reflects their learning over the 12 week period.

What is the timeline for acceptance into the fellowship?

Fellows will be selected and notified at the end of January.

What is the time commitment?

Fellows will meet on Tuesdays evenings for the first 11 weeks plus one full week of rehearsals and four Saturday performances. 

What do I have to do in order to apply?

Complete our online application when it opens again!

What is the goal of the fellowship?

To bridge the relationship between artists and the communities they serve and to define Kansas City as a city for change-makers.

What is expected of me as an artist in the program?

Artists must attend 90% of the days to receive compensation. While in the program, artists are expected to collaborate with fellow artists, engage with the Kansas City community on issues of climate justice, and create and perform original pieces

Do I have to be based in Kansas City to apply?


What if I have more questions?

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