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training performing artists
to become advocates of social justice 

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Kansas City's contributions to the global artistic landscape can be traced back to the 1920s, when it was a destination for one of America's true original art forms, Jazz. Since then, Kansas City has been called home by cultural giants like Charlie Parker and Walt Disney, to contemporary stars like Janelle Monae and Jason Sudeikis.


Heartland Arts KC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to evolving Kansas City's cultural footprint, with the aim of positioning Kansas City as a hub for arts activism. This organization aims to provide one of a kind training, education, and entertainment centering activism in the performing arts (theatre, poetry, comedy, music, dance, etc.).


Kansas City is re-entering the global stage in sports and in tech, Heartland Arts KC aims to elevate KC's arts and culture sector and again make KC a destination for creators from around the world.

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policy focus

For 2024 we'll be responding to policies surrounding both the Kansas City Police Department and the Kansas City Kansas Police Department

For KCMO– Understanding State Control of the PD

For KCK– Unpacking the 2022 lawsuit of Roc Nation v KCKPD

Artist support

Our HE[ART]LAND Fellows receive $1000 stipends for their time spent in our program.

We also compensate teaching artists who provide masterclasses for our artsits and the greater Kansas City community.

Over 70% of our yearly expenses go directly towards paying artists

Social Media

Our social media accounts have reached over 200,000 accounts in 2023

We use our platform to highlight artists and policy news from Kansas City

Follow us @HeartlandArtsKC on Instagram, Threads, and TikTok

Our Programming


Our cornerstone program. This yearly fellowship takes Kansas City performing artists through a 12-week creative process that includes learning about local social issues, creating original performances, and sharing their work with the KC community. 


In 2023 we launched our HE[ART]LAND Residency program where we hosted Latin-Grammy nominated musician and Kennedy Center Award winning theatre-maker Austin Dean Ashford for a 3 part series of performances and a workshop.


Heartland Arts KC hosts publicly available master classes taught by professional artists, policy experts, and community leaders.

We've partnered with KCKPS, Big Brother Big Sister, KCYA  and more to provide high level arts education to the Kansas City community.

Board of


Jordan Marcotte, President

Jamelle McConnell-Brown, Secretary

Arel Rende, Tresurer

DeAndre Wiseman

Jennifer Vallenga

Michael Franklin

Jerry Manan

Martha Gershun

Logan Stacer, Executive Artistic Director

Kalyn Sewell, Intern

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