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Mission Statement

The mission of Heartland Arts KC is to train performing artists to become advocates of social justice. 

Vision Statement

Our vision is to position Kansas City as a hub for arts advocacy. 

What We Value

Training Kansas City Artists

We provide Kansas City artists with experiences and resources to improve in their personal craft

Educating Kansas City

We connect artists with industry experts to learn about social issues that impact Kansas City

Making Public Policy Accessible

The manifestation of social change is public policy. We use policy as a lens for advocacy

Our Team

Heartland Arts KC's executive board is comprised of local leaders in arts, education, and public policy who seek to serve Kansas City.

Jordan Marcotte, President

Jamelle McConnell-Brown, Secretary

Arel Rende, Treasurer 

DeAndre Wiseman

Jen Vallenga

Michael Franklin

Jerry Manan


Logan Stacer, Executive Artistic Director

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